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Towel boys

"Hey, Timmy," the big boned stud called from across the dressing room, "I need and extra towel over here!!!" "Uh, right away, sir," he replied while rushing over to him with his hand extended holding a fresh towel, "is there anything else I can do for you!?!" "I dunno, Timmy," he said while grinning at his locker mate, Kelly, "is there anything else he can do for me!?!" "Wellllllll," Kelly replied with a smirk, "maybe, and I'm saying just maybe, he could give your dick a little suckin', whataya think, hon?!?" "Mmmmm," Brian replied, "do you really think so, he's so young, do you think he's up to it, I mean I wouldn't wanna hurt him!?!" "Why don't you ask him," Kelly rejoined quickly, "he seems old enough to me, come on, Timmy, how old are you anyway!?!" With his face turning a fire engine red he replied softly, "I'm eighteen, sir, and I'd love to suck Mr. Brian's boner!!!" "Would you now," Brian asked softly while spreading his sweaty thighs to expose his rapidly swelling dick, "well you know what I always say, keep the help happy!?!"

Timmy quickly dropped to his knees and opened his mouth over Brian's bulging cock while Brian sighed, "God, I just love the way these young boys suck, "it seems that they must've taken Cock Suck 101 cuz they sure know where the head is!!!" "Mmmmmmmm, yes," Kelly replied while sliding down between Timmy's legs to take his little erection into his mouth, "and they're always so hard and ready to go, I just love the taste of a hard young cock in my mouth, don't you!?!" "Oh, yeah," Brian panted, "I just love seeing them naked with their cute little hardons sticking up in the air ready to go, just seeing us naked is enough to give them a nice woody!!!" Timmy's tongue was now flicking incessantly over the older man's velvety head, and as his own pecker began spasming in Kelly's hot mouth, Brian's cock convulsed several times hard in his mouth as both of them had crushing orgasms rip through their orally satisfied organs!!!

Kelly grabbed Timmy by his still stiff pecker and while him tugging towards the shower ordered, "Now you come with us little one, we need someone to scrub our hard peckers," while Brian, still a little shell shocked from his orgasm, stumbled along behind the other two as they made their way into the steam filled room!!! Both men took their places under the burning needles of water while Timmy dutifully lathered Kelly's groin with a bar of soap while he and Brian cupped and caressed each other's asses as the hot water ran over their shiny bodies!!! "Mmmmm, he has such a nice touch," Kelly sighed as his friend leaned over and gently sucked his nipple, "it's so nice to be able to come to the club and get your prick taken care of!!!" Now it was Brian's turn to sigh as Timmy turned his attention to his rapidly expanding dick, making sure that he soaped every nook and cranny of his again excited groin!!!

Brian's dick was so attuned to the young lad's caressing that he had another leg weakening climax right then and there, and only because he was able to hold on to Kelly's shoulders did he keep from crashing to the floor in a heap!!! Good grief, boy," Kelly opined with a chuckle, "a little tense today, aren't we!?!" "I-I can't help it," Brian replied sheepishly, "I guess that I've just got a soft spot in my heart for young men!!!" "Hmmmm," Kelly hummed, "I think that the spot isn't located in your heart but about eighteen inches to the south!!!" "You're all bad," Brian giggled while Timmy rinsed his dick clean of suds and cum, "say, I've got a good idea, wanna hear it!?!" "Do I have a choice," Kelly asked humorously!?! "Nope," Brian shot back, "none at all, now watch this," as he pulled Timmy to him and gave him a long hard kiss on the mouth!!! After releasing the young lad from his grip he asked him softly, "So tell me, Timmy, have you gotten fucked yet to day, I mean have any of the members let you stick your little hardon into their assholes!?!" Now turning six shades of red he replied softly, "No, sir, not today!!!" "Good," Brian replied, "cuz have I got a deal for you!!!"

"Timmy," Brian asked softly, "see that man over there, yeah, that's the one, the blonde one, have you ever fucked him!?!" "Oh, no, that is strictly against the rules," he replied quickly, "we're not allowed to have relations with other towel boys, only the members!!!" "Yeah, yeah," Brian retorted, "I know the rule, but that's only if you do it on your own time, but if a member asks you to do it, it's all right, at least that's my interpretation of the rule!!!" Kelly looked at his friend and just rolled his eyes while Brian called out, "Say, Joe, is it okay if we borrow Petey for a little while, I think it will be worth your while to let us have him!!!" "Now don't use the word we," Kelly whispered, "this is your doing, hon, I don't wanna lose my privileges, so you're on your own, baby!!!" "Thanks for the support," Brian replied dryly while Petey came over and stopped directly in front of him, "now, where was I, oh yeah, Petey, you know Timmy here don't you!?!" "Uh yes sir," the shy eighteen year old replied with his head down, "I know him!" "That's good, dear," Brian replied softly, "cuz you're about to get to know him a whole lot better!!!"

Brian pulled the young man to him so that they were chest to chest and whispered, "How would you like Timmy to put his little hardon inside of your tight asshole?!?" "I-I don't know," he stammered, "I don't think we're supposed to do that!!!" "That's all been taken care of," Brian replied smoothly while grabbing Timmy's hardon, "just see how nice and hard he is, wouldn't you just love to lay back and have him slip it inside of you, it would feel soooooooooooo nice!?!" By now Brian had slipped a finger into the over heated butt of the confused young man, and as he tried thinking clearly, the older man was now furiously jerking his little hardon, absolutely whipping the poor boy into a sexual frenzy!!! While he began to hyperventilate, Brian gently helped Petey to the floor, and after carefully spreading his legs, with a mere nod of his head, indicated Timmy to take his place between his firm young thighs!!!


Petey was now moaning softly in anticipation of having Timmy put his erection inside of his hot bottom, but he was totally unprepared for the sensation he received when the thin hard cock slammed into him like a freight train!!! "Oh, oh, oh," he gasped as Timmy's ass began pile driving his little member in and out of his smooth ass while Brian gently twisted and tugged at his little nipples!!! A group of men had by now formed a ring around the young couple, and as sex starved seniors were wont to do, they began shamelessly fisting their cocks while little Petey got his cherry taken right there on the shower room floor in front of all of them!!! While Timmy was by no means experienced, a million years of evolution took over as he rammed his hard cock in and out of him with piston like efficiency, until all at once his body stiffened and a load of hot spunk rocketed from his dick head deep into the burning cauldron that was Petey's incredibly aroused ass!!! For him the combination of Timmy's hard cock and Brian's manipulation of his nipples had started a fire that was nearly unquenchable, that is until he felt Timmy's cock stiffening in his asshole, inducing him to a climax like a fire hose all over their smooth bellies!!! Ten naked middle aged men on the other hand were groaning and moaning as fingers flew over erect peckers, firing off orgasms every couple of seconds until the only sound that could be heard was that of a lone shower running coupled with the heavy breathing of the assembled masses!!!

Timmy literally collapsed on top of Petey, completely spent from the experience, while he on the other hand sensed for the first time in his life how fulfilling a hard penis in his bottom could make him feel!!! After allowing the two of them a couple of minutes to recuperate, Kelly and Brian helped the shell shocked couple to their feet where upon they steadied them under a hot shower to help bring them back to life!!! Small smiles broke over their faces, kinda like the cat that ate the canary looks, that made Brian remark to Kelly, "Hey, baby, rules were made to be broken!!!"
Trent shivered a little as he pulled the razor over his chest while removing the last vestige of hair on his smooth tanned nineteen year old body! Stepping back under the shower, he rinsed away the residual soap suds, and after rubbing his hands all over to make sure he hadn't missed a spot he shut off the water and grabbed large bath towel and dried off! For as long as he remembered he felt like he was different from his playmates, not from his outward appearance, but from the inside!!! He walked back into the bedroom and opened a lingerie drawer, pulling out a pretty pair of white lace panties which after rubbing them over his face, he slipped on over his smooth lean thighs until they were tugged tightly over his cock and balls!!! He stared at his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door, and after a long sigh escaped his lips, his nipples stiffened in the cool air while his penis turned bone hard and erect!!!

"Miss Evans, would please get a hold of Mr. Force and have him come to my office please!?!" Becky Howard, Bryce McGreggor's secretary, picked up the phone and within two minutes had the young man standing in front of her desk as she opined, "The boss wants to see you right away, you can go right in!!! "Thanks, Becky," he replied while giving her a wink before going inside to see what Bryce McGreggor wanted, as if he didn't know!!! "Hello, my boy," Bryce said enthusiastically while getting up to shake his hand, "and how are you today!?!" "Uh, I'm fine sir," Trent Force answered easily, "is there something you wanted to see me about!?!" Now lowering his voice to barely above a whisper Bryce McGreggor asked almost desperately, "D-did you wear them for me, I mean the panties, do you have them on right now!?!" "That would be very naughty of me wouldn't it," Trent teased gently, "I mean, panties are what women wear aren't they, why don't you have Becky come in, I'm sure that she's wearing panties!!!" "Oh god," he gasped, "she doesn't have a big cock hidden in hers, p-please, show me, take off your pants!!!"

Trent Force knew that his boss was just an old cock hound, so with unbelievable slowness he undid his pants, and finally after giving his ass a little shake slid them down over his thighs until they settle in a pile around his ankles!!! "S-sweet jesus in heaven," the older man moaned, "you've got a hardon, I can see it right through the material, oh fuck does that look nice!!!" Trent casually ran his fingers over the outline of his hard pecker and asked softly, "You mean this, you like the way this looks, gee, it might be fake, I might have stuck a fake cock in my panties, you never know!!!" The old man fairly leaped to his knees in front of Trent as he clawed at the front of his pretty pair of white undies while begging, "P-please let me feel it, I really need it, I'm begging you!!!" When he saw his boss dropping to his knees, Trent had stepped back out of the way just out of his reach, and in a playful voice asked, "What are you gonna do if I let you have it, I mean you're not gonna hurt me are you!?!" "Hurt you," Bryce fairy yelled, "I'm gonna suck you off, now get over hear and let me see it, and that's and order!!!"

Feeling sorry for the old goat, Trent moved closer, allowing him to press his face against the front of the young man's crotch!!! "Ohhhhhhh you feel so hard," Bryce sighed while covering Trent's crotch with little kisses, "I can't wait, I'm gonna take it out!!!" Now was the part the old man loved best, that being when Trent's big cock sprung free in front of his hot mouth!!! With his hands literally shaking, he hooked his thumbs in the waist band, and after giving the banana shaped cock one last kiss, tugged the pretty frillys down until his hard erection popped into view!!! "Y-you shaved yourself clean," he babbled, "oh god, I just love it, now let papa have his present!!!" Trent involuntarily moaned as the head of his hardon slid into his boss's hot mouth, and while he wouldn't say it was the best head he had ever had he had to admit the old guy knew something about sucking cock!!! For the next ten minutes Bryce McGreggor sat on his knees and fellated the young man, until finally he couldn't stand it, and as if in a sexually induce haze, he stood up, dropped his pants and shorts, and after bending over the front of his desk, turned to Trent and ordered, "Okay, sonny, fuck me in the ass!!!"

Trent smiled seductively at his boss, and after lubricating the old guys ass with a finger full of saliva, he pressed his thick erection against the old man's asshole, and after grabbing him by the hips, rammed his meat balls deep into his unprepared sphincter!!! From past experience and realizing the assault that was about to take place, Bryce had buried his mouth into his arm, and as the thick organ drove hard into his ass, he tried to muffle his scream as the young man turned his cock into a battering ram!!! God he felt like a pussy, Trent was the one man that could turn him into Jell-o and he wasn't ashamed to admit that he was a slave to his hard young cock!!! Trent bored in harder and harder until he was on the very edge of orgasm, but instead of filling the old man's ass with cum, he pulled out roughly, and after spinning the old man around and back on his knees, he shot a gusher of a load right onto his eager face and into his open mouth!!!

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As he passed Becky's desk on the way back to his office, she winked at him knowingly and laughed, "I guess I'll be seeing you again tomorrow, right!?!" He smiled back at her replied, "Tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after thatЕЕЕ.."

Young stud boy

Martin anxiously waited for the doorbell to ring, as he checked his watch for the third time in the last ten minutes. "Where was that man," he thought to herself, "I wish for once he'd be on time!!!" Ten seconds later the apartment air was split by the loud resonance of the bell and Martin quickly buzzed his friend in. Opening the door he listened for the footsteps coming up the carpeted stairs, but oddly, he swore there was more than just Ernie's steps he was hearing! A second or two later she was proven right, as Ernie and a young man of perhaps twenty or so turned up the last flight to Martin's apartment. Martin looked at the young visitor and asked Ernie, "Who's your friend, or is it a secret!?!" Before he answered, Ernie gave Martin's crotch a squeeze and replied, "I found him down at the bus station and for two hundred dollars he'll do us both!!!"

Both Ernie and Andy, the young man's name, entered the apartment and sat down on the sofa while Martin went to the kitchen for some refreshments. After everyone had their drinks Martin asked Andy, "Do you know why you're here, son?" Andy took a sip of his drink and answered softly, "To service you and Ernie, sir!" Martin by now had had a chance to give the young stud a going over, and his pecker had begun to erect itself at the prospect of having such a young man sucking his big cock!!! Martin and Ernie were both single gays in their early sixties who had met several years earlier and now got together once a week for some recreational sex. Once in a great while one of them would find someone else to bring to the party, and today Ernie had scored big!!! In this game of suck the cock, younger was always better as they had the firm delectable bodies seniors could only dream about!!!

Martin continued with his questioning of Andy with, "Are you bi or gay?" "Bi," Andy quickly replied, "but I prefer males !!!" Martin stood up, walked over to Andy, opened his fly, and asked, "Could you please suck me, dear?!?" As usual, Martin had forsaken his shorts, and now his thick rod bobbed gently just inches from his face!!! Andy merely had to lean forward to take the hard pecker into his warm wet mouth!!! Martin groaned as the talented cocksucker did his erection, and moaned to Ernie, "God, he's sucking me just the way I like it, mostly my head, but he does my shaft too!!!" Martin's cock was reaching a crescendo, and he rolled his eyes towards Ernie and ordered, "Take off your pants and let me see your big pecker!!!" Ernie didn't need another invitation, and as Martin was a little on the butch side, he immediately obeyed his command as he usually did!!! The incessant sucking on his prick, coupled with the sight of Ernie's huge dick threw Martin over the edge as his cock was wrenched by a climax that seemed to twist his groin into a knot over an over again!!! When he was totally sated, Martin fell back in his chair panting like a dog, while trying to regain his lost breath!!!


Ernie played idly with his pecker while he waited to see what Martin wanted to do next, while Andy sat quietly watching the two older men, while also waiting for further instructions. Martin began idly playing with his now soft cock, and after a moment's hesitation ordered, "Okay, stud boy, fuck him in the ass!!!" Ernie literally moaned out loud in anticipation of his fucking, and without even being told he leaned over the back of a large easy chair with his legs spread wide and his asshole open and available!!! Andy slid easily behind the old man, and after rubbing his head against the tight opening, he gently moved his hips forward, forcing his hardness into his hot bottom!!! "Oh fuck," Ernie moaned loudly, "he's hard as a fucking rock, and so thick, oh god it this good!!! Martin's eyes had glazed over as he stared at his friend being impaled by the young stud, and as they roared out in unison as their cocks gave way in a shower of cum, Ernie's all over the chair and Andy's deep in his ass, Martin's own pecker spasmed hard in his hand and spewed another load of jism high onto his chest!!!

Andy pulled on his things and kissed both men softly on the lips and replied, "Anytime you boys need a good suck or fuck, just give me a call!!!" The two men, still naked and shaken, just smiled knowing that in another month they'd have him again!!!


Jimmy walked through the locker room on his way to showers thinking about the upcoming report he would have to give at the quarterly meeting later that afternoon, and while he was well prepared, but this was a very important presentation what with the head of marketing from the home office due in town to attend the meeting. As he entered the shower room in the company gym, Jimmy wasn't too surprised to find a stranger lathering up under a hot stream of water, as many of the salesmen in his firm brought clients over to use their facilities. While turning on his own faucet, the stranger turned around and gave Jimmy a nod of hello. Jimmy introduced himself and found out that he was in the shower with Matt Eckert, the VP from the home office. While making small talk about the company and business in general Jimmy couldn't help but notice that Matt had the biggest cock he had ever seen, and even more amazing was the fact that it uncircumcised. Jimmy of course had seen other uncut cocks, but Matt's had much more skin than he could ever remember seeing.

Now he had sucked and fucked a lot of dick in college and since, but never anything as magnificent as Matt Eckert's, and while trying not to look, he tried thinking of other things but his own cock betrayed him as it turned from flaccid to a full fledged boner in a matter of seconds. Jimmy desperately tried to turn away so he couldn't be seen but it was all for nothing as Matt commented on the exceptional hardness of his meat! Turning back to face his new friend a stunned Jimmy saw that Matt's huge pecker was also getting hard!! A smile from Matt was all Jimmy needed as he walked over and began slowly jerking the monster organ. The two men kissed deeply as their tongues probed each other's mouths, both of them wild with lust, jerking on each other's swollen manhood. Finally Jimmy broke away and dropped to his knees and immediately began sucking the huge head. He was entranced by the way the foreskin slipped back over the velvety knob to expose it's purple head and beautiful slit.

Before he could cum in Jimmy's hot mouth, Matt pulled him to his feet and showed Jimmy a sexual technique he had never even heard of. He pulled his foreskin all the way back completely exposing the huge head. He then took Jimmy's cock with his left hand and held it against his own so that both cocks were sticking straight out with their holes touching each other's. The appearance was that of a cock bridge between the two men, but the only problem was keeping the bridge in place, but Matt had a solution for that too!!! While holding the two peckers in place, he slide his foreskin not only back over his own head, but over Jimmy's too! The sight of seeing his own dick encased in the huge foreskin was almost enough to make him shoot his load then and there! At that point Matt began to jerk the cock bridge in a soft caressing motion. Jimmy could feel the their two heads slipping and sliding against each other trapped by Matt's extra flesh! Finally he could hold back no longer and his orgasm erupted deep in his balls and sent a torrent of cum into the cock trap! Matt too was spilling his hot seed, and cum oozed out of the foreskin cover and smeared all over Jimmy's hot shaft!


After taking several minutes for recovery, Jimmy dropped to his knees once again and sucked Matt's pecker to its full hardness. Jimmy looked up at Matt and said, "I need this in my ass, can you give me a good fucking right now, please!?!" Matt chuckled, pulled Jimmy to his feet, kissed him hard on the mouth and replied, "Sure, lean against the wall and spread your legs wide!" Jimmy got into position and tried to relax his ass, because this was the biggest cock he had ever had inside of him, and he was pretty sure that initially, it might be a little painful! Matt took a bar of soap and generously lubricated Jimmy's ass hole, preparing it for the fucking that was to follow, and then after he had soaped up his huge cock, getting it nice an slick and ready for entrance into Jimmy's bung hole, he pressed the head against his ass hole!!! Matt was gentle and took his time, using light pressure until the big head was sucked into Jimmy's hole, but even at that, Jimmy let out a little yelp as the size of the invading member stretched him out, making him feel totally subservient to the big penis! When he was safely in, Mat began to slowly stroke in and out of the young executive's hot ass, gradually increasing his pace until he was literally but slamming him into submission! Jimmy' asshole was a mixture of pain and pleasure, the two becoming intertwined together, indistinguishable as the massive cock pounded in and out of him! His own pecker became hard as a rock, and he reached down and began furiously jerking it in time with Matt's hard thrusts. Matt was now close to his own climax, and in a harsh voice ordered, "Okay you little bitch, I want you to cum right now!!!" Hearing Matt call him a little bitch was more than he could take, and Jimmy's cock began to spurt jet after jet of hot cum all over the shower room floor! Matt couldn't hold the fort much longer either, and his own pecker unleashed a torrent of cum in Jimmy's hot little asshole!!!

As they dressed to go back to the office Jimmy was much less worried about his upcoming presentation, because it was in the bag, or should he say foreskin?!?

First time

Kevin always knew that he was different, even as a young child he knew. Girls just never interested him for anything more than as playmates or casual friends, and while he liked girls all right, it was just quite not like the other guys did. He always knew that he was probably gay, but when you're young you don't really understand all the feelings and emotions that well up inside of you as you grow to adulthood. Showing affection??? Now that was something that Kevin couldn't even comprehend trying in his small middle class mid western town, besides, who would he show that affection to? For all he knew he was the only gay kid in his whole school, and no one suspected that he was queer, and he wasn't about to come out when he felt that even his parents wouldn't understand, so feeling lonely was just something he had gotten used to. He was certainly looking forward to his first year at State U., feeling sure that at least there he would find others in the same boat as he!!!

The first weeks of college life were hectic to say the least, what with twenty five thousand students in one place was overwhelming as well as exhilarating! This was the first time Kevin had ever been on his own for any length of time, but he easily settled into a comfortable routine and even began to make a few friends in his classes as well as in his dormitory. His roommate, Tom, was a freshman from Chicago, so many nights were spent telling each other of life in each other's home town. Kevin had to admit that Tom's stories were much more interesting than his own as Tom seemed to have plenty of tales to tell about the girls he had been with and the wild sex they had together. Luckily for him, Tom didn't really try to pry into Kevin's personal background so Kevin didn't even have to lie about exploits with the opposite sex!


As the first quarter was coming to an end, a lot of time was spent cramming for tests. A shy young freshman named Greg who had a room down the hall from Kevin was in several of his classes so they ended up studying together in Greg's room. Kevin felt more at ease around Greg than he had ever felt about anyone in his whole life, and while he wasn't sure if Greg felt the same way, they seemed so relaxed together that Kevin had hopes that just maybe Greg would turn out to be more than just a study partner. As luck would have it, Kevin came to study at Greg's room only to find the door unlocked but no one answering his knock so after slowly opening the door, he entered the room just as a dripping Greg came out of the bathroom from after taking a shower!!! This was the first time Kevin had ever seen his friend naked and immediately he stared at Greg's cock! He had big a hardon!!! Greg was embarrassed and tried to cover himself but Kevin told him not to move. This was the moment of truth in both of their young lives, and calmly, Kevin stood up, walked over to Greg, and put his hand around his very erect penis and began slowly jerking it in his fist!!! Greg stood as still as a deer caught in headlights, hardly breathing as his dick was being jerked for the first time by another human being! Without saying a word, Kevin leaned over and gave Greg a French kiss that seemed to last forever. As their tongues explored each other's mouths, Greg's cock began to spasm in Kevin's hand and a huge jet of hot cum shot out as Greg groaned during his incredible orgasm!!!

Neither of them said anything for a minute as each tried to collect their thoughts, but it was finally Kevin who admitted that that was the first time he had ever done anything sexually with anyone else in his life! Greg said that once at camp a counselor had exposed himself but at the time he was so scared that he didn't even have time to enjoy it, but for sure nothing like what he had just done with Kevin!!! Then Greg dropped to his knees, undid Kevin's pants, pulled out his cock, and began to gently suck on his raging boner until in only seconds he was shooting his load down Greg's eager throat! So this was how sex was supposed to be! Both boys decided another shower was in order, so they got in and began soaping each other all over their bodies!!! It didn't take long for each of them to have big boners sticking out ready to be used again, but what Kevin wanted now was to feel that beautiful thing up his ass! Leaning against the wall and spreading his cheeks was all the invitation Greg needed, and with his hard cock already slick with soap, he began to push its way into Kevin's inviting virgin ass hole!!! When the head finally was inside, Greg began with gentle short thrusts not wanting to hurt his new found lover while Kevin whimpered as Greg became more insistent with his fucking. By now Kevin was getting the butt fucking of his life as Greg pounded away at his virgin ass hole!!! Kevin reached down and was jerking his now hard dick in time with Greg's movements so that when Greg blew his wad up Kevin's eager rectum, Kevin's own cum exploded out of his dick onto the wet show room floor!

They slumped together in a post coital glow, and Kevin couldn't help but think of how lucky he had been to find Greg at this time in his life, and if first loves are best loves, Kevin certainly had no complaints!!! Kevin soaped off Greg's penis, and gently took it into his mouth and sucked on it softly, while Greg stroked his lovers head, savoring the feeling that could only come from having the head of your cock in someone's warm mouth! After about ten minutes, Greg was about to shoot his load, and he whispered to Kevin that he was about to blow! Kevin looked up lovingly into his friend's eyes and then jerked the big cock until it filled his mouth with life giving sperm as Greg let loose with a low long groan, after which both boys got to their feet and rinsed off, playfully poking at each other's bouncing penis. Kevin then smiled at Greg and said, "I think I'm gonna like college life just fine, don't you?!?"

Wake up

It was earlier than usual when Tom opened his eyes from a good nights sleep, and while looking over at Gary who was still fast asleep, Tom could help but think of how lucky he was to have someone like Gary as a room mate and lover. Both in their early twenties, they were different as night and day. Tom was tall and blond with a definite mid western appeal, while Gary on the other hand was short and dark with the thick accent of an east coaster. What they both had in common, however, was a deep love for each other.

Tom pulled back the covers to expose Gary's sleeping form, lean and muscled like a swimmer, and it turned him on immensely to his friend naked. When they moved in together over a year ago it was agreed that they would always sleep in the nude so that either one always would have easy access to the other's body, and at this very moment Tom was looking at Gary's very hard penis with excited lust! Gary had a beautiful penis! It was uncircumcised, about seven and a half inches long and seemed to be hard all of the time, and it was times like this that Tom felt so fortunate! He leaned over and gently took Gary's hardness into his mouth and sucked softly on the velvety smooth head. In a few moments Gary began to stir and soon a small smile crept across his lips. "Good morning lover," he said, as he caressed Tom's cheek, pulling Tom from his pecker and giving him a deep satisfying kiss, their tongues intertwined as they groped each other's hardons.

Gary found Tom's big cock and softly jerked it as they continued to kiss, God how he loved that big dick, at least nine inches long and big around as your wrist! They had been to many a party that Tom turned out to be the center of attention of, not only because of his Hollywood type good looks, but also because of the massive pecker that hung between his firm thighs! What really turned Gary on was the fact that after all the sucking and fucking were over, Tom always came home with him to their own bed. Gary broke the kiss and whispered, "I'm going to suck you," and with that he slid his mouth down to the huge pecker that was sticking out from Tom's smooth flat belly. "God he tasted good!" The head was soon back in Gary's throat as he worked his lips and tongue up and down the blue veined shaft. Hearing Tom groan with pleasure made Gary suck all the harder! There was nothing like sucking cock in the morning, and sometimes a guy just needed to feel a head in his mouth! Gary had a huge oral fixation and he knew it!


Tom on the other hand loved getting his ass reamed out by big cocks, and he was so glad that Gary loved fucking his ass! "Gary," Tom whispered, "Fuck me, please!" Gary reluctantly let Tom's meat slip from between his lips and shifted around so he could maneuver his pecker into Tom's waiting asshole. Wetting his hand with his own saliva, Gary moistened his own dick and also Tom's asshole so that his cock would slip right in. Once the head had entered the hole, Gary plunged in and out with easy stokes, causing Tom to whimper as Gary picked up the pace of his thrust's, while reaching down to jerk his pecker as Gary gave him his morning ass fuck! By now Gary was pounding his dick in and out of Tom's now straining butt hole as both boys were now in the midst of an incredible sexual high! The whole show was now being urged on by the steady thrusting of Gary's seven and a half inches of manhood! Gary reached under Tom and pinched his nipples with his right hand while Tom groaned in ecstasy! Tom yelled, "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass," and with those words both boys shot their loads, Tom's spewing all over the bed and Gary shooting deep in Tom's butt, after which both of them collapsed in a heap on top of Tom's gooey semen!

Searching out each other's mouth, they kissed deeply and held each other gently in each other's arms. It was almost time for work, but they still savored each other's company. While taking their shower, they always tried to take them together, taking turns at soaping each other's genitals, while making sure that each other's nut sack got a good going over! Gary had unusually large balls and Tom always enjoyed the time he took letting them roll back and forth in his fingers. The obvious result of all that attention was to give Gary a nice thick hardon, while the warm water coupled with the slick soap always seemed to give the boys big erections, and it was a joy just to be with another male who was as sexually alive as you were, that being usually having a stiffy while your partner was around! The great thing about being gay was that your lover liked sex as much, if not more than you did! In this case, Gary and Tom would spend all day totally naked, with big erections ready to accept a good sucking at the drop of a hat! Sometimes they would have friends over and just spend a few hours lounging around while watching each other masturbate! It was heaven, ten young men, totally naked, slowly jerking themselves to hard climaxes in front each other!!!

After getting out of the shower, they both dried each other off, taking a few seconds to give each other a quick little suck! Later that evening after work they would take their time and let each other ejaculate big loads into each other's warm mouth, and juust thinking about it would make the day pass quickly!

Young & smooth

Bobby walked across the room to where Hal and Gil were sitting. Both of the older men hungrily eyed the slightly built pale white teenager, as he was stark naked. Naked. That's the way Bobby had to be at all times when in the apartment and it mattered not the time of day, if there were guests present, or what duties he was performing at the time, Bobby was always naked. It wasn't as if he was being forced, because he could get dressed and leave Hal and Gil anytime he felt like it, but the reason he stayed was because he loved being dominated by these two men and sometimes by their friends.

Ever since he was a very young boy Bobby felt the need to told what to do, and later he discovered that when an older man gave him the orders, his penis would harden and he would have almost an uncontrollable urge to satisfy his master. At this very moment Bobby was feeling especially excited as he stood in front of Hal and Gil with a raging hardon, and while he wasn't hung as well as the two men, his dick looked much bigger than it's seven inches because he was so slightly built. Hal reached out and gave his pecker a little squeeze and then pulled Bobby face down across their laps as he quickly had Bobby sucking on his huge dick while Hal rubbed and fondled his smooth hairless ass while fingering the youngster's bung hole. In no time at all Gil was shooting a hot load in Bobby's eager mouth while Hal began to turn Bobby over so he could fuck his tight little ass. Hal's erection was almost more than he could take, but soon it was sliding in and out of the skinny little asshole with no trouble at all as Bobby started to move with the timing of Hal's strokes!!! Desperately needing to cum himself, it was at that moment he felt Gil's mouth around the head of his quivering organ that he was caught up in a vortex of sexual excitement he could not control nor did he want to! As his own prick began to spasm in Gil's mouth, Hal groaned as he shot his own spunk deep into Bobby's shaking butt! All three men then collapsed in a heap of sexual exhaustion with Bobby using Gil's dick like a baby's pacifier.


After several minutes all three went into the bathroom to clean up with a nice hot shower, and again Bobby was ordered to soap the two men down and use his mouth on their dick heads. It was not unusual for Bobby to give head six or seven times a day as both Hal and Gil had unbelievable sexual energy with each having a least 91/2 inches of hot meat. It seemed that when ever they saw Bobby's cute little ass or his hot pecker that either one or the other was always hard, so for this reason there was an undercurrent of sexual tension in the air all of the time. Gil loved seeing his pecker head in Bobby's mouth and had Bobby suck him to sleep every night, while Hal on the other hand loved that smooth ass more than anything else, and was always amazed at how such a small asshole could so easily accommodate his massive erection! Sometimes when he and Hal were 69ing each other he had to admit that one more that one occasion he was really thinking about Bobby's tush! Bobby on the other hand got a lot out of their relationship too. He lived for free in an apartment he never could afford on his own, ate nothing but the best food, was never physically abused, and got all the great sex he could ever ask for, so for all intents and purposes he was a well taken care of bitch by his two masters, he loved them and they loved him!

As they finished their showers and Bobby was drying them off, it was decided to have a few friends over that the evening for some food, drink, and hot sex. Bobby could hardly wait and kissed both of them and headed to the kitchen to get ready. It would be a wild evening to be sure, and even though he had cum several times earlier that day, he would have no trouble getting an erection for his master's friends! At eight o'clock the guests began arriving, and as usual Bobby met them all at the door in his usual state of undress. Bobby was under strict instructions to honor the sexual request of any of his master's visitors, so he wasn't the least bit surprised that many of the guests saw fit to touch and feel his penis as they entered the apartment. Several women had shown a great deal of interest in him, and guiltily he had to admit that his present erection was the result of a feminine fondling! After all the guests had arrived, Bobby circulated through the crowd offering everyone hors d'oeuvres, but it was at this time that Mrs. Fairchild asked Bobby if he would be so kind as to eat her vagina! Obediently, Bobby got down on his knees and lifted the dress of the pretty middle aged blonde, and after putting his mouth directly on the woman's bare pussy, she sighed contentedly as the young boy expertly let his tongue probe deep into her steaming snatch until finally settling down on her now very erect clitoris! She reached down and held his head tightly against her mons as if she were afraid he would suddenly jump up and leave her in the lurch, but she had no reason worry about that because Bobby was totally trained, and would never even even think about leaving her hanging! As everyone gathered round to watch, Bobby quickly brought the woman to a crashing orgasm, one that caused her to scream out in ecstasy as her cunt convulsed all over his now pussy juice covered face! "Good job, Bobby," someone shouted out, after he was finished eating the dripping woman, "hey, Bobby," asked a a man old enough to be his grandfather, "could I suck on your pecker for a minute of two!?!" "Sure," he answered easily, and positioned himself in front of the seated senior citizen. "Mmmmmm," the old gentleman hummed, "it's been a long time since I tasted one so young!!!" That brought a cheer from the crowd, and they urged him on to take the young buck's pecker into his mouth! Bobby stood patiently as the old fart worked his mouth up and down on his hard penis, until he was almost ready to shoot it in his mouth. At the last second, the old man pulled off his cock and yelled out, "Who wants to finish him off!?!" The woman whose pussy he had just eaten jumped at the chance, quickly taking Bobby's inflamed member into her mouth and giving the young boy a taste of his own medicine! In a matter of minutes he was flooding her mouth full of his young teenage cum, which was a real triumph for someone of her age!!!

After everyone had left, Hal and Gil praised Bobby on the way he had handled himself at the party, and arm in arm they were off to bed, where the two men would get another chance to show their "deep" appreciation!!!